Vepjulilja Protection System for Privacy and Company Information


Privacy as well as company information are endangered by multiple attackers, whose endangering potential is different, varies and overlaps. The currently strongest attackers are statist, so that protection from these ensures also reliable protection from other attackers.

Multi-level Protection

Vepjulilja consists of components, which can be applied solitary, albeit provide the best protection in combination.

All components together are Vepjulilja.

Indivlilja are individual adaptations of Vepjulilja to special requirements of companies.


The Vepjulila software (Kryptanolilja, Anonlilja, Systemlilja) is open source and free, details see licence. The use of the Anonlilja infrastructure is possible for free, there is a high-performance chargeable part. Particulately chargeable is Diverslilja and chargeable are Compulilja and the individual adaptations Indivlilja.

At present Vepjulilja is situated in the preparation of the implementation's financing by crowdfunding.

The construction of the privacy protection system, similar to an onion. The privacy and the protected company information are in the middle, several protection layers, which consist of Vepjulilja components, are located around the middle.