Threats to Privacy and Company Information

Attacker Differentiation

Privacy as well as company information are endangered by multiple attackers, whose risk potential is different, varies and overlaps. Attackers are differentiated in first-order statist attackers (self-serving), second-order statist attackers (others, primary corporations, to the benefit of states), corporate attackers (self-serving) and different attackers (self-serving hackers and others). Subjects can combine several properties, so that a bank is quantitative typically primarily a second-order statist attacker and secondarily a corporate attacker. Defensive measures, carried out by banks, make them also a defender, the bank's attacker property towards its clients albeit remains.

A net chart, which shows, that banks are at 65 percent second order statist atackers, at 25 percent corporate attackers and at 10 percent defenders.

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Damage Potential

Worldwide annual economic damage potential through attacks on company information and on the privacy.A column chart, that shows the worldwide annual economic damage potential through attacks on company information and privacy. Companies 490 billion Euro damage annually, private persons 740 Billion Euro damage annually.

Whereas economic espionage is little bis not detected and upon detection litte bis not published and statist attacks are not yet gathered at suchlike surveys, estimations and questionnaires, the actual damage is highly probable significantly higher.

The so far not investigated private economic damage potential through attacks on the privacy proceeds from the assumption that anyone violated in ones privacy arises a damage of only 100 € p.a., which should likewise be significantly higher. Merely we at Vepjulilja quantify the material and immaterial damage, caused to us through attacks on our privacy, at a five- to six-figure sum per person and year.